A Beautiful Gift For Moms –Sorry It’s Late,Moms!

It’s hard being a Mom!  When I was a Mom, I was always doubting myself!  I wanted to be the best Mom and do everything I could for my children.  But most days I did not feel I was living up to my expectations.  That I was letting my kids down!  But over the years, I have found out that I did pretty good!  I love who my kids are and I am very proud of them!  But something like this video would have been wonderful to see!

Right before Mother’s Day, I found this wonderful video saying what kids think about their moms.  I so wanted to post it, but I was in California celebrating Mother’s Day with my daughter!  All I had was my iPad and it wouldn’t let me download it!  I think Moms will love this any time!  I know I would!

Happy Watching!

Just Know How Important You Are!



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