A Children’s Book For Adults Too!


While in California, we spent a Sunday in La Guna Beach! We had brunch at the Cliffs and later strolled through town. It’s a artsy town and where I found The Dr. Seuss Art Gallery. One shop had a variety of merchandise, including a children’s book section. I love children’s books and can’t resist looking :) I found this awesome book — What Do You Do With An Idea?, written by Kobi Yamada! I love it! Actually, it’s a book I wish I had written! It’s a beautiful story about a little boy who had an idea and the journey the boy and the idea took. The exciting thing is that this book is not just for children. It’s for adults with ideas too. As I read it, I remembered back to when I had the idea to write The Long Legged Turtle. I felt the same away about my story. I just had to share this book with all of you! I hope you check it out! It’s amazing! The illustrations are very clever too!

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