A Darling Book For Mothers and Daughters But, Also For The Whole Family

Hi! What a beautiful day it is today! Linda and I were in this cute tea shop! They had so many, many teas to choose! I found bing cherry and Linda chose peach! They are very, very smooth teas. Very enjoyable :) As we walked around the shop, I was drawn to the children’s section. Did you know they have children’s tea? I bought some to try! I came across a darling book, Just Mom and Me Having Tea by Mary Murray! It is delightful. Love the sweet, simple illustrations and the ideas are the best! If you are Christian, this is also a fun bible study for Mothers and Daughters. But, the ideas are great for families and do not have to be Bible connected. I love how it talks about being made special! That goes right along with my book, I Love Being Me! Mary has a great idea called A Me Box! I love it! What a great idea for everyone — not just kids???? I love the M&M game and the Moonlit Night Tea Party! Wouldn’t a moonlit night tea party be so awesome??? If you like children, tea, tea parties and fun, this could be the book for you! Give it a go! I’d love to know what you think!!!


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