A Great Book And Two Great Ideas!

Today, I was doing some research on the internet!  I found a book that I really like!  I really hope that you will read and enjoy my books, The Long Legged Turtle and I Love Being Me!, but this is a great book too!  It has a wonderful message for children and adults.

Amy Logan has written the book, A Girl With A Cape.  It’s message is that we can all be superheroes by doing acts of kindness.

Amy has 2 fun ideas that go great with her book!

1.  Take a jar and every time you do something kind for someone put a penny in it.  See how many pennies the family can collect!  At the end of the summer, take the pennies and celebrate.  Better yet, take the money and use it to do something for someone!  See how good you feel:)

2.  On one of her videos, Amy talked about Legos.  Her idea was everytime you do something kind for someone else, take a Lego.  She asked what can you do with one lego — not much :(  So the idea is to do many kind acts and see what you can build!  Give it a go this summer and see what you/your family can create!

The exciting consequence it that people feel so good when they go good for others!  That’s how you become a super hero!  Read the book and become a superhero!!!  What would your superhero name be!  Draw of picture of yourself as a superhero and post it on the Kid’s Gallery or mail it to us –Long Legs, Polka Dottie, or Me :)

P.O. Box 1071

Oswego, IL  60543

Hope To See Lots Of Superheroes!

Have Fun Being Kind!

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