A Lesson To Go With My Book, I Love Being Me!

I LOVE my book, I Love Being Me!  I feel it’s very important for everyone to realize that everyone is different and that everyone is special because of the special gifts they were given!  My dream is that children/adults will look at themselves and find their special gifts and be proud of them.  So many times children/adults are trying to be like everyone else!  Instead, I would love everyone to be excited about their gifts AND look for the special gifts in others.  So I have created this activity to help develop this skill :)

1.  Read I Love Being Me!

2.  As reading:  Think about how Polka Dottie feels about herself at the beginning and why?  Ask if they had ever felt this way?

Look for events that changed how Polka Dottie felt about herself.  My hope is that this will create lots of discussion.

3.  After the reading and discussion, ask the children to think about THEIR special gifts.  It’s important to know we have lots of special gifts that make us, us.  Some are bigger than others, some are small but all are important because they make us the special person we are!!!  To help guide this discussion let them know their gifts could be:

Things you are good at.

Things you love to do.

Things that are easy to do.

Things that make you feel good.

Things you dream of doing.

4.  Have children draw a picture of themselves in the center of the paper–have them put in lots of detail of how they look.  Then around the picture of themselves, have them write and/or draw their special gifts.

5.  I think it would be important for the children to share these in some way.  Share as a whole group, get in small groups, get with a partner and switch with others and of course it would make a wonderful bulletin board.  I’d love to see it all through out the school.

6.  The next step would be to extend it to others.  This is an important step to me.

I might do the first part on Monday.  After story, discussion, ask the children to be detectives and to look for the gifts in other people during the rest of the week and on Friday they will be doing an activity.

7.  During the week, have them draw another detailed picture of themselves in the center of the paper.  On Friday, have each child put their paper on their desk.  Have children walk around and find a desk where they will write or draw one of that child’s gifts on the paper.  Give them a little time and then have everyone move on to another desk.  Continue to do this as long as you wish/or it works :)

8.  Sharing would be great and of course a bulletin board. Maybe a celebration party.   I think this will be wonderful for parents to see how others see the gifts of their children.  Maybe encourage parents to do this with each of their children–maybe have children do it to their parents! :)

I would love to see people looking for and celebrating the gifts in other.

These are just suggestions.  For me, I always took an idea and made it my own.  If you come up with a great idea, I would LOVE for you to share–that’s how we help each other!

Enjoy celebrating all the special gifts!




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