A Special Gift To Give Your Child/Grandchild :)


The one thing I know about life is — LIFE IS NOT EASY!  All of us have learned that somewhere down the road!  I think, when we have children, as parents/grandparents we want to make life better/easier than it was for us!  But that is NOT WISE!  Those hard times/experiences enabled us to solve the bigger issues that come up as teenagers and adults!  I Believe teaching children to do for themselves begins when they are little.  My Dad always stressed to me to be independent — don’t rely on other people!  Even though, I didn’t love the advice as a child, I was always grateful for it as an adult.  Especically an adult raising children.

If we always do for our children, they will never be able to be independent, responsible, and able to take care of themselves in adulthood.  Think about what you can let your child/grandchild do for themselves, now.  When little, it is little things.  As they grow, responsibility grows too :)  Getting our children ready to be adults is NOT easy, but, it is IMPORTANT!  Hope this helps you :)

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