A Story by Abigail Duncan

Once upon a time there was a girl named Shannon she had beautiful brown hair green eyes and she loves make up. And one day she took a walk in the forest and found a tree house and she thought it was empty but when Shannon got up she saw a boy looking out the window. He looked back he said”hi my name is Brenden whats yours?” “Hi I’m Shannon” she said back. They played for a while then Shannon said”I have to get home now” Brenden said”okay bye” and she left. The next day she went to the tree house and waited for Brenden.Then he finally he came he said “well you came early” then Shannon smiled and said” I was waited for you” then Brenden said”do you want to go to the playground?”Shannon said”sure. And when they got to the playground they went on the swing,slide,and monkey bars 100 times each.Then they got back to the tree house they made a picture of them on the playground together. But the next day Brenden moved away but after a couple days later when he was still gone he sent Shannon a card it said,Dear Shannon I moved to Texas its great hear I play in mini tornados and I met a lot of new friends Mercy,Tom,Jane,and Samantha.There great but not as great as you.from,Brenden. Shannon got much much much happier. And she always said each day”life is good.



  1. Kathy Elstad said:

    I love the description in your story Abigail! How cool–a tree house! I would love a tree house–great place to write :) I’m so glad Shannon knows Life is Good :)

  2. Linda said:

    I love the Irish names for Shannon and Brenden and the description of Shannon. It is always hard if a friend moves away. I’m glad Brenden wrote her a letter and she
    Felt happy. Life IS good.

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