A Story by Emily Loftus

Today comes a new adventure for molly. Today molly went surfing on the tides of California. Sure she was young her mom never taught her to surf and its intense but she was tempted to do this! So she went down to the beach and grabbed a surfboard and got on. When a wave came she totally freaked out! But she got used to it and soon came after school and practiced. But one day she stopped in her tracks. She noticed something missing. She said “wow I need a new buddy, comrade, bff but nobody was there to be that Pearson. Until the next time on Molly Rides A Friendship.


One comment

  1. Kathy Elstad said:

    Oh Emily, I love the phrase –surfing on the tides of California! Great use of words! I love how Molly kept trying and it seems ended up having lots of fun!
    I know someone who would be a good buddy, comrade, bff–he has long legs :)

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