ABC Day!

Today, I thought we would work on ways to help children learn their ABCs and have fun!

Buying a set of magnetic letters is a great idea!  Maybe not real little ones.  Here are some ideas how to use them.

1.  At the beginning, lay out 5 letters at a time.  Mix them up and ask, “Can you find the ___?  , Can you find the ___?  and so on.  Have the children lay them out in order as they collect them.  As they get better, increase the number of letters.

2. Play Hide and Seek with the Alphabet.  You can use the magnetic letters or write on each letter on an index card.  Hide them around the room and have the child go find them.  Hide maybe 3 to 5 to begin with.  It’s even more fun if you give them a small flashlight to help the find the letters.  You might even call this Alphabet Safari :)  Maybe even wear a safari hat :)  As they get older, hide the letters of words and have the child put the letters in order to spell the word.  It would be great with Word Wall Words or spelling words :)

3.  Alphabet songs are really fun.  Here is one I found on the internet.  It teaches the alphabet and counting to 20!  I love the elephants and monkeys :)

 4.  Here is a cute Alphabet that I found on Free ABC clip art!


 Have fun learning your ABCs!  Learning is Fun!!!!!


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