My husband and I have been trying to eat and be more healthy.  We have been reading a book called The Daniel Plan.  I love the book and have learned so much about food and being healthy.  The one thing I have really learned to do is look at labels.  I am amazed at how long most labels are–unbelievably long and full of things I have no idea what they are!  So we have begun looking for “clean” food–food with 5 or less ingredients.  It’s not that easy!  But we feel better when we eat the “clean” foods!

The thing I really want to talk about is something I read about in one of the chapters.  I am a retired first grade teacher and have worked with lots of children and of course children who have a hard time focusing.  Sometimes these children are labeled ADHD and are encouraged to take medication.  I AM NOT a medication person myself!  I’m a natural kind of girl :)  A few times in my teaching career, I did see a need in a child and saw medication make a difference.  But in this chapter I read, this pastor’s young son was having difficulties with focusing and did take medication.  It broke the Dad’s heart to see how his son changed.  Around the same, the pastor’s church started working on eating more healthy (“clean”)  due to extreme obesity in the town.  The church and the pastor’s family changed their eating and the pastor was amazed as his son’s behavior began changing.  He no longer had a focusing problem.  He went from a C student to an A student and became outstanding in Math.  This has led me to wonder and really believe that we are putting TOO MANY CHEMICALS in our bodies and have no idea what they are and what they are doing to us.  The one thing I am learning is that I feel better the “cleaner” I eat.

If you are a parent with a child with focusing/behavior problems, maybe you want to look at labels and see if eating “cleaner” helps your child.  I look at labels on everything.  The other day I bought an eyeliner.  A thin eyeliner and you wouldn’t believe the length of ingredients!  How could you even fit them all in the eyeliner pencil??

Just wanted to share–anything to help kids :)

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