longlegs-bookThe Long Legged Turtle

In this presentation, I use my LifeBook (based on Lucy Calkins’ Writer’s Notebook) to show children how I use bits and pieces of my life to create my stories. I have 3 different grade level presentations:

K,1: In this level, I talk about my LifeBook and how I used it in creating The Long Legged Turtle. The story begins with a shopping bag. Then, I read The Long Legged Turtle. K, and beginning 1st grade are a little young for a LifeBook, but the teacher could create a Class LifeBook and at the end of the day, write some things that the class wants to remember. The teachers could even extend the idea to parents—a Family LifeBook.

2,3: In this level, I talk about how writers write about their lives. I show and explain what a LifeBook is and how I used it to write The Long Legged Turtle. The little bits and pieces of my life that I put in my LifeBook, become seeds. Then I tell how I “Plant a Seed, Grow a Story!”. This includes talking about the writing process. I tell about writing and playing with the words/my story. Finally, I read The Long Legged Turtle.

4,5: In this level, there is much more detail about the writing process. I tell about my LifeBook and how I used it to write The Long Legged Turtle. Again, I use “Plant a Seed, Grow a Story”. Writing takes a lot of time—think, write, rewrite or as I call it “Play” with the story, share, rewrite until it is “just right”. I explain “Playing” with the story. A writer needs to hear his words. A writer needs to reread their story softly and ofter to themselves. They need to read it to others—to see it through their eyes. They rewrite until it’s just right. I talk in detail about the importance of word choice. It helps readers build pictures in their minds and aids in comprehension. I show them first writing of Chapter 4 and then I read and show them my final Chapter 4.

Teacher Workshops

Plant A Seed:  Grow A Story: Is a workshop that shows teachers how to take a LifeBook through the writing process.  The LifeBook is a place to collect little bits and pieces of one’s life.  Each of these little bits and pieces is called a seed.  This seed or seeds are then taken through the writing process.  Playing with a story until it is JUST Right is talked about.

Learning Can BE Fun!:  Is a workshop that explains how to develop a Reading and Writing Workshop.  It’s the same skills being taught, but in a different way:)  It’s amazing what can happen :)

being-me-book-mockupI Love Being Me!

In this presentation I will be using my brand new book, I Love Being Me!, to talk about how we are all different and we are all given different gifts. These gifts make us unique and give us our Pizzazz! My goal is that children/adults will start looking for their gifts and the gifts in others—Celebrate our differences. The idea of a I Love Being Me! Journal will be introduced.

A Parent Night where I read I Love Being Me! and talk about looking for our special differences would/could be another presentation. It would be good for families to think about this too:)

I am very happy to work with a school or organization to create a program to meet their needs.