Being A Child

Being a child is a very special time!  You are becoming YOU and that is a wonderful thing!  Everybody does it differently–in their own way and in their own time!  I watched little ones develop over and over while teaching first grade for many years!  I loved first grade!   Each child came in as a chrysalis and emerged as a beautiful butterfly!  Each child did it differently and each child was at their own stage, but all made progress!  Every orientation I would read Leo The Late Bloomer.  The message was every child blooms, but at different times, in different ways!  Just enjoy the blooming process!  Be excited for your child!  I think that is what this poster is saying and I think it’s important!  Children should enjoy their childhood–they only get one.  I have watched my children grow into adults and they always amaze me!



Let Children Feel Good About Themselves and What They Can Do!  Where they go will amaze you!!!!

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