Birthday Present Hunt!

Good Morning!  Yesterday was so much fun!  I got to spend time with Todd, (my son), and Brooke and Lauren (my granddaughters).  We were celebrating Brooke’s 8th Birthday!  I was thinking– what could I do to make getting her presents fun?  So I decided to create a Birthday Present Hunt!  It was a hit!!!!!!!  Lauren even thought it would be fun to do at her next birthday party!  She’s 11 :)

This is what I did–very simple!

1.  Wrapped the presents.  There were 4.

2.  On the computer, I made a little note explaining that it was a Birthday Present Hunt.

3.  I chose 4 places around the house to hide the presents.

4.  I made up 4 clues and typed them on the note. I put the note in one of my fabric bags.

5.  When it was present time, I gave Brooke the bag with the note (I was a little mean :(  I made Brooke think the bag was her present–but only for a minute!  She was so cute–she tried to look happy about it–she is a very sweet girl :) but then I told her there was a note inside and she should read it :))

6.  When she read the note and found out she was going to have a Birthday Present Hunt, she started jumping up and down for joy!  She loved it.

7.  She started reading the clues and finding the presents–she put them in the bag (then the bag wasn’t so bad :)  LOL).  It was fun for us too– running around with her finding her presents!

8.  When she found them all, she opened them!  I also did a good job on the presents–Shopkins and a gift card!  Big Success!!!!!

This could be done in many different ways!  I’m thinking of lots of ways to do with all the grandkids.

*  You could give them 1 clue, which leads them to another clue and another until they find a pile of presents.

*  At each place, they could have to do some exercise or take so many steps or jump or do something fun and silly!

Let your mind go wild!  It would be great if you would share some of YOUR ideas :)

Have a Great Day!!!

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