Buddy Journals :)

Now that summer is here, children have more time!  One thing I did with my first graders was encourage families to do Buddy Journals!  I think in years to come, it will become a treasure.

A Buddy Journal is a journal that goes back and forth between parent and child!

Purchase a journal with your child.  On the first page, create a title page.  It could be called –Our Buddy Journal and illustrate it together. If you come up with a better name/more personal, use it!  This journal will be for both of you.  Make it your own :)

On the first night, the parent writes the date and writes and maybe illustrate a letter to your child.  In the morning, place the journal on your child’s pillow/bed.

During the day, the child writes the date and writes and illustrates a letter back to you and lays it on your pillow so you are ready to write that night!

I think you will find it interesting what you both will write.  Also, DO NOT MAKE YOUR CHILD HAVE TO WRITE PERFECTLY.  Your writing will be a wonderful model of writing for your child.  In years to come, you will treasure these approximations and giggle about them.  Children NEVER stay where they are!  They are always growing and learning!

If you have more that one child, maybe both parents can be involved, write to each child, or take turns.  I’m sure you will figure out a plan.

This is an amazing experience and a beautiful memory! Maybe share some very special thoughts!   Have fun!

Happy Writing!

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