Cardboard Houses

I’m feeling very nostalgic today!  I’m thinking back –what did I love to do as a child?  What did my kids and grandkids like to do?  Well the words Cardboard Box popped into my mind.  I even had one  in my classroom.  It was a secret place to read!  I cannot tell you how much fun kids have with a cardboard box.  They can make it into anything they want!

It’s easy–get a box–one they can fit in!  Then, help them cut out any doors and windows that they might want!  I like to make the windows and doors so they can open and close!  When cut, let them decorate it any way that they want!  Crayons, markers, paint can be used!  Let them use their imagination!

It becomes a great clubhouse or secret hide out.  Don’t forget to put pillow and blankets inside or anything they feel they need.  Flashlights are lots of fun too!

Do you remember having a cardboard box when you were little??  I do! It’s one of my favorite memories!!  James and Kayla, my older grandchildren, still talk about their cardboard boxes :)

Have Fun!!!

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