Celebration Party

Saturday was lots of fun celebrating my new book, I Love Being Me!  with my friends!  My writing buddy, Tommy, read his story, Copy Tails, to the group!  I loved it–an author reading!  My favorite part was when Tommy read:

If you use the copy laser, you can finish your entire book, How Dogs Are Smarter Than Humans.

My cute grandson, Jimmy, was inscensed!  He said, “NO THEY AREN’T!!!!”

Everyone loved it and laughed!!!

It was fun chatting and telling stories!

Here are some pictures from the day!


This is my best friend, Linda.  She is the Linda in the dedication!  We have been BFFs for 57 years!!!!  She’s always there for me!!!

DSC02187 DSC02195

This is Tommy!  He was so excited to read his story to the group!  I found out something else special about Tommy.  There was a French Bulldog named Cupcake.  Her back legs were paralyzed. So for his birthday last year, in March, Tommy asked for no presents but instead, make donations to Cupcake so she could have surgery and get a dog wheelchair!  Tommy raised over $2,000.00!  Tommy sure loves dogs!!!

Cupcake has her own Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/pages/Cupcake/1567814890121876

Check it out!  Cupcake is quite spunky!


DSC02190 DSC02188


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