Complimentary E-book Available!

Good News! I figured out what I was doing wrong! So I am happy to say that my free e-book, Helping Children Learn To Read Naturally, is available again :)   My home page has the cover of the complimentary e-book,  Helping Children Learn To Read Nautrally.  Just click on this cover to download your complimentary copy.  I Believe that building a child’s literacy background before they enter school makes learning to read so much easier. This e-book is so helpful for parents, grandparents, preschool teachers, teachers, anyone who works with young children. It even makes a great resource to hand out to parents! I hope you will check it out and check out my website while you are here! I have lots of things for kids, parents, teachers and for inspiration too!
Helping Children Learn To Read Naturally is a great gift you can give you and your child!

Happy Reading!

Young parents mom and dad reading children book to baby boy

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