Cooking Magazine for Kids

While in the doctor’s office today, I saw this great cooking magazine for kids!  It’s called Chop, Chop.  It was simple with great directions and photos.  It seemed on the healthy side too :)  There was a fun experiment for kids!

Growing a Carrot Fern

1.  Cut off about an inch from the top, Crown, of the carrot.  Remove any greens.

2.  Fill a shallow bowl with sand, small pebbles, or marbles.

3.  Push the carrot tops into the sand, pebbles or marbles  so the carrot bottom with be in the water, and fill the bowl with lukewarm water.

4.  Place near a sunny window and in a few days fern like sprouts will appear on the top of the carrots.

5.  Keep water topped off so carrots won’t dry out!


Have Fun!!!!

If your child likes cooking, you might want to check out this magazine-Chop, Chop :)

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