Create a LifeBook

Did you know writers write about their own lives? I love to use little bits and pieces of my life in my writing! How do I collect these bits and pieces? Simple – I have a LifeBook and you can too!

lifebookI learned about a LifeBook from Lucy Calkins. Actually, she calls it a Notebook, but I like LifeBook. After all, it is little bits and pieces of my life in it :)

So, this is what you do. You get a composition notebook and start collecting! It’s different that a diary or journal.

  • You can write in it.
  • You can draw in it.
  • You can paste or glue things in it (photos, postcards, ticket stubs…anything you feel is important in your life – as long as it fits :) LOL

goldI even have sand from South Haven, MI in mine. I happen to LOVE South Haven and the sand and the water. So I put the sand in my LifeBook!

I like to call these little bits and pieces “seeds” – little seeds of my life. Then when I want to write, I just look through my LifeBook, pick a seed or two and begin writing!

I am writing a new book and do you know one of my characters came from playing Barbies with my granddaughters, Brooke and Lauren? Now, that’s a little bit of my life, but that’s how it happens.

I’m so glad that I have a LifeBook to help me “think” about my writing! Here are some more pictures from my LifeBook:


Will you start at LifeBook? I hope so. It’s really lots of fun! I wonder what little bits and pieces of your life you will collect????

Happy Collecting!!  Happy Writing!!


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