Exploring A Sensory Tub

Warm weather is here (sometimes:))!  It’s great for spending time outside.  Here is a fun idea –a Sensory Tub!


You will need:

A plastic tub


Children’s garden utensils

Plastic Easter eggs

Plastic bugs, flower sequins

What to do:

Fill plastic tub with birdseed

Add the bugs, sequins, shovel and rake

Now you little explorer is ready to explore, fill and empty eggs and the wonderful thing is — if anything spills its outside and the birds will love it :)

Do not be limited with these ideas :)  Anything small that your child will have fun digging for will be great.  Little bones would be fun — maybe a dinosaur dig :)

Afterwards maybe spread out the birdseed, get a blanket, find a quiet spot to watch from and see who comes to check out the birdseed.  Maybe place the birdseed where you can see it from a window in the house.  Keep checking to see who visits!  Maybe take pictures :)

Important thing is — HAVE FUN!  ENJOY THE FRESH AIR!!

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