Father’s Day Gift

I love my book, I Love Being Me!  I think it’s so important to love who we are –no matter what our age!  One activity I love to do with children after they have read my book, is to draw a picture of themselves and then write ALL the wonderful things about themselves around their picture!  There is nothing like a visual.  Last year, I had my 2 grandsons do just that for their dad.  I loved how they turned out.  I framed them and the boys gave it to their dad on Father’s Day.  Maybe you would love to do it too!  It would be fun if ALL family members made one, frame them and hang them all together in a special place!




I love how each one is different!  Just like us –each one of us is different!

I might have posted this last year, but I love the idea!


A piece of paper/any color

Draw a picture of themselves

Above the picture of themselves, write I Love Being Me!

Then have them think about their special gifts and make a list of:

What are they good at?

What do they love to do?

What are things that are easy for them to do?

What do they dream of doing?

Then have them draw and/or write all these things around their picture of themselves!

Have them sign their name

What a special gift for the child and for the Dad!!!

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