Growing Flower

This is an adorable and fun little craft for spring!  The flower can move up and down–how fun is that!  I love that it uses children’s hands to make it!  I found it on a really fun website:  If you think this project is fun, check out the many other projects–lots of choices!  But don’t forget to come back to me and check out what’s new :)

This growing flower kids craft is a great way to celebrate spring time. This craft is made from a paper cup, straw, pipe cleaner, construction paper and tissue paper, an easy and inexpensive craft! Just move the straw up and down and watch your flower grow!


Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Here’s what you’ll need…

•Paper or Styrofoam cup, small or medium sized
•Straw, clear if possible
•Green pipe cleaner
•Green construction paper
•Tissue paper, color of your choice

Here’s how to make it…
1. Trace hand prints onto the green paper and cut out. You will need to cut out enough hand prints to cover the cup, the number will depend on how big the hands are and how big the cup is. Glue the hand prints onto the cup to make the ‘grass.’


2. With a pencil, poke a hole into the bottom of the cup. Insert the pipe cleaner into the straw, and then insert the straw into the hole in the cup. This makes the stem of the flower.


3. Cut out 3 or more circles out of the tissue paper (use a small mug as a template). Poke the pipe cleaner into the center of each piece of tissue paper and then curl the pipe cleaner to secure the paper.


4. Fold the tissue paper up and wrap the pipe cleaner around the bottom of the flower to secure it in place. Move the straw up and down to watch the flower grow out of the grass!


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