Having Fun With Dash!

I am enrolled in the Picture Book Summit in October.  Tommy dePaola is one of the main speakers.  Did you know he was a monk?  The Picture Book Summit sent me a cute little character named, Dash.  He reminds me of Flat Stanley.  I am to take him around with me and take selfies.  My BFF, Linda, and I took him around Oswego today and had lots of fun.  Ooooops!  I forgot to take selfies, but I have lots of cute pictures of Dash!  We even found a really cute, bright, yellow caterpillar walking along the sidewalk.  They became friends :)

What character would you like to take around with you?

Where would you take your character?

Write and let me know :)

photo 5 photo 3 photo 6 photo 4 photo 2

Have a fun filled day!

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