Help Children With Reading

I have been asked many times:  What can I do to help my child with reading.  The MOST important thing to help children with reading is  to READ TO THEM.  When is the best time to begin — begin in utero!  Seriously, read to them for at least 15/30 minutes a day.  If you can read more–fabulous!  This develops a literacy background.  They learn how books “work”.  So when they come to school, it’s so much easier to learn to read and understand the reading process.  They are also familiar with “book language”.  But the best part of reading to your child is the special time you share with them!  If you snuggle, it’s even better!

Happy Reading!!!!!!

Do Not Stop when they learn how to read!  Continue reading to them until they don’t want you to.  I read to my daughter through 5th grade!  Wonderful memories!  Lots of valuable chatting–especially if you pick the right books ;) ;)

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