Helping Your Child/Children Learn To Read

School will be starting soon and children will be working on reading.  It’s probably one of the hardest things a child will learn to do.  The reading process is very complicated.  What can a parent do to help with this process –READ TO YOUR CHILD!  It’s that simple!

Reading to your child does so many things!

1.  Children learn that reading is fun — by snuggling, laughing, talking with someone they love as they read.

2.  The parent gives the message that reading is important — the parent takes time to do it.

3.  Children build a literacy background — they learn how a book works, they hear and see words/sounds and begin to internalize these words/sounds.  Reading will be easier with this literacy background.  Anything is easier when you have a background/understanding of how something works.

4.  Important topics can be discussed in a loving atmosphere .

5.  They learn to love reading.

You are probably wondering when should I begin — right now!  I believe parents should begin reading to a child in utero and continue as long as they let you.  I read to my daughter up until 6th grade.  We read some books with very important topics and they were discussed in a very pleasant, loving atmosphere :)

I loved teaching literacy, but my concern today is that we are not teaching the Joy that a book can bring!  I believed that teaching the love of reading was as important as how to read!  Parents can definitely help teach the joy of reading!  Maybe a family reading time a few times a week for about 20 to 30 minutes would be fun to do!Young parents mom and dad reading children book to baby boy

Hope you will give it a go:)  Reading is a fun thing to do!

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