Hey! If You Like Our Website…

Hi!  We were wondering if you like our website you might…

Tell a friend about us!  We have lots of fun things for kids, of course, parents, and teachers!  We also love writing, so we love to read children’s writing and see their illustrations!  So please tell your friends and maybe you all can send us some!  It’s pretty easy!

We would love you to leave a comment!  We know people look at our website, but we really haven’t had many comments, stories, or pictures.  Also, the characters are waiting for letters!!!

Teachers, if your children wrote stories, this would be a great place for them to be published!  I love that other children can read them, comment and be inspired!  Actually, anyone can and hopefully will comment!

If there is anything you would want, I would love to know and include that in this website!  I really want it to be a fun place for kids, parents, and teachers!  Give us a chance :)

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