How Do Children Learn??



When I went to college, I learned about child development and how children learn!  I think that has been forgotten!  Somewhere, the idea that testing is so important came to be!  Testing doesn’t teach much–learning has to occur first in order to be tested.  I totally believe in assessment.  See where children are and what they still need to learn.  I am retired and feel that I was able to teach at a great time!  We taught children how they naturally learn and we made it fun and open ended.  My kids loved learning and parents always seemed happy!  Each teacher could bring her style to her classroom and it was important to reach each child where they were and to continue their growth.  Today, it seems like they are back to workbook pages, reading out of teacher manuals and everyone is on the same page!  Oh my, what a set back!  They wonder why scores are not that good!  We need to look at what is appropriate for each age level.  Play is not just play!  There is so much important learning in play.  Learning that is essential to educational growth.  Push, push, push, these little people!  I wonder how we as adults enjoy that–we DON’T!  And yet, we are doing it to little children who are just entering school.  I remember the joy my little first graders brought to school and somewhere along the way they lose that joy!  I wish we would look at what’s good for children and not what’s good for test scores that really don’t mean much!  What children know, what they love, and learning how to learn more is what is important in my mind!  Sorry for the rant!  I love kids and I’m NOT excited about what I hear about teaching / learning right now!


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