I Love Being Me!

I am so excited to share this today!  For my son-in-law, Matt, for Father’s Day, I had my grandsons, Jon and Jimmy, make a special gift for their Dad!  I read them my book, I Love Being Me, and we talked about the book and all the special things about them :)  It was so fun to hear what they shared :)  On a sheet of paper, I made a list of their special gifts.  We talked about what they could draw and what they would write and then they got busy.

1.  They wrote –I Love Being Me!  at the top of the page.

2.  They drew a picture of themselves in the center.

3.  Wrote/drew pictures of their special gifts around them.

4.  Signed it and dated it.



5.  I took them home and framed them in floating frames.  I really liked the floating frames :)

6.  On Father’s Day, Jon and Jimmy gave them to their Dad.

I loved how they turned out!  Each one is different and really shows how special each one  really is.  I think Matt liked it too!  In the years to come, it will be fun looking back at who they were at this time and what was important to them!


It might even be fun to draw a picture of grandma and/or grandpa and have the kids write/draw all the special things about their grandparents :)  That would be a special gift!

Give it a go!  Have fun!  I would love to see how they turned out :)  Maybe you could share????

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