Indoor Rainy Day Fun!


Are you tired of rainy days!  I know I am!  Well, here are a couple ideas to make indoor rainy days fun!

Have a dance party.  Play some of your children’s music, but play some of your “old” music too!

Dress up in your best clothes or your craziest.  Take pictures and/or have a tea party!

Play a board game, dice game, or dominoes!  This is great anytime!

Read a book together and/or find a silly place to do this.  Remember making tents out of blankets or sheets when you were young???

Act out a favorite book.  Add costumes/make-up.  Make a video???

Make play dough from scratch.  See the end for a great recipe :)

Hide some things and make up written clues for them to find the things.

Set up an indoor scavenger hunt.

Make a batch of chocolate chip cookies/or favorite cookies.

After cookies, watch old baby videos or look at photos and eat the cookies.

Watch a movie with popcorn or cookies from above :)

Homemade Playdough Recipe

2 cups of cornstarch

1 cup of hair conditioner or lotion/use cheap stuff/scent/no scent?

Place cornstarch in a large bowl.

Mix in condition/lotion with your hands/or theirs :)  It will become smooth and pliable.

You may need to add more.

You can add food coloring of your choice/or essential oils for scent.

Keep covered when not using :)

Have fun on your rainy day :)

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