Jimmy’s Story

Long Leg’s Friends

Written and Illustrated

by Jimmy McKirdie

Jimmy, Jonny and Zach were walking through the woods one day and they found their friend, Long Legs, again.

They played with their friend, Long Legs, the turtle, until their Moms said, “Time to go in.”  But they said, “Mom, why can’t we play with our friend still?”  Then their Mom said, “OK!”

Then they played with Long Legs, the turtle and they played and played and played until they had to go home!

The End

About the Author


Jimmy is a boy and he is a kid!  He made this book by himself but he needed some help because he couldn’t type on the computer so his grandma did it for him.  He likes toys and he has short hair right now, but he is growing it back.  That’s about all…





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