Keep Up Those Skills

Hi!  Summer is here and school is out!  Kids are saying, “Yeah!”  Moms are wondering what to do!

It’s important to keep up childrens’ skills during the summer.  It makes the fall easier :)

Here are a few ideas:

Have children read everyday — 30 minutes would be great!  Let them find “fun” places to read!  Maybe make tents or forts outside.

Practice math facts!  Once you are fast at facts, math is SO much easier!

My favorite — Write!  Look for my post about a LifeBook.  This is where children collect little bits and pieces of there life in a notebook.  Then they pick a bit or piece and write about it.  It’s fun to collect all kinds of things that are special to your child/children.  I even have sand in my LifeBook :)  After they write, I have a great idea for them :)

Long Legged Turtle writing tips

Do you like to write? Well, I love to read children’s stories. Please share your story with me :) Just click on Submit Story. I hope I get lots of kids’ stories! The great thing is you can read their stories too! There is a place for comments. I wonder what will be said????

If you love to write, why not start a Writing Club! It will be fun! Grab some friends and click on Start a Kids’ Writing Club! Happy Writing!!!!!

Hope you have a fun, fun summer but don’t forget to keep your skills sharp!!

Also check the website for other fun activities :)

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