Lesson Plans for Chapter 2 of The Long Legged Turtle

Lesson Plan for Chapter 2 of The Long Legged Turtle


Good Readers are always looking for clues as they read to make predictions about what is going to happen next in the story. When I wrote chapter 2, I wanted the readers to predict that Long Legs is the green rock that will be their tea table. I am hoping that when Brooke says, “Yes, and there is a green rock right in the middle,” that the children will start to giggle – knowing that that is Long Legs. So I think this would be great for predicting :)

1. Read Chapter 2 until the end of page 16.
2. Stop and ask: What do you think will happen next? Why do you think that?
Write down their predictions.
3. Turn the page and read the rest of the chapter.
4. Compare their predictions with what happened in the story.

It might be fun to go back as “Detectives” and reread the story picking out the clues that would have helped to make that prediction.

Good question to ask at the end of the chapter is: Why does it say Life is Good :) at the end of the chapter?

Long Legged Turtle writing tips

Writing Ideas/Discussion Idea

1.  If you and a friend found a “green rock” in the middle of a field of flowers – what would happen?
2.  What would Long Legs tell Lauren and Brooke about himself? What would you tell Lauren and Brooke about yourself?

Happy Reading and Writing!!!!

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