Lesson Plans for Chapter 1 – The Long Legged Turtle

Lesson Plans For The Long Legged Turtle Chapter 1longlegs-book

Before you read or show the book cover

Tell children they are going to read a story about a long legged turtle. Have them draw what they think a long legged turtle would look like – add a little background. Have children share their drawings (in a circle?). Ask:   Why they drew the turtle that way? What were they thinking? Display their drawings in the room.

2. Ask:  What do you think it would feel like to be a long legged turtle? Maybe talk about how it would feel to be different from the other turtles. Write these thoughts on chart paper to refer back to later.

Read Chapter 1 – Maybe hide the cover of the book so children don’t see Long Legs until he appears in the story.

Long Legged Turtle writing tips
Follow Up Activities:

Discuss how Long Legs is different from the other turtles? How does he feel about being different? Compare these new thoughts with the thoughts on the chart. Are any the same or different. Ask: How would you feel?

With each chapter it might be fun to keep a running chart with what the readers learned about Long Legs.

3. Science: Look back over Chapter 1, discuss how turtles hatch. Show a video – there is one on my website Baby Turtles Hatching. You will find it under Activities for kids. Next, kids could write about The Life Cycle of a Turtle or How Baby Turtles Hatch. It would be fun to work in pairs. Type their stories and have them illustrate. It would make a cute bulletin board.

4. Write about other adventures Long Legs might have. Maybe someone would like to join Long Legs in his new adventure. Long Legs always likes to make new friends! Type and have students illustrate the adventures and put them together in a class book! It’s fun to send them home for families to read. Make sure you add lots of comment pages!

Happy Reading and Writing!!!!

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