Lesson Plans for Chapter 3 of The Long Legged Turtle

Lesson Plans for Chapter 3 of The Long Legged Turtle


Authors many times combine the real with make-believe. That is what I did throughout my book, The Long Legged Turtle. I think Chapter 3 would be a good example of “looking” for things that are real and things that are make-believe!

Discuss how Good Readers are always Thinking when they read or listen to a story. Today the students will be thinking about what things are real and what things are make-believe.

1.   On chart paper make two columns. Label one – Real. Label the other – Make-believe.
2.  Read Chapter 3 once – just to enjoy the story and do some pre-thinking.
3.  Read the story again and start collecting things that are real-could really happen and things that are make-believe-that could only happen in this book/ or in your imagination. Fill in the chart with their ideas.

Long Legged Turtle writing tips

Follow Up Activities:

It’s really fun writing a group story. It’s great modeling for those children who still have trouble developing their stories.
1.  Decide on another place a “black hole” could lead…
One child will begin the story by giving a sentence. Another child will add the next sentence, another child the next until the story is finished.  Teacher writes the story on chart paper as it is dictated. Have the class reread the finished story. It’s fun – you never know where the story will take you :)   Type and copy the story for each child and have them illustrate their own copy.

2  An extension of this could be that the students get in small groups of 5 or 6. Each group creates their own story, each person adding to the story by telling/writing a sentence until the story is finished. If you have a good writer in each group, they could take the dictation/be the teacher :). Publish the stories. Give each group a copy of their story/illustrate it. Share stories with class and/or make a class book and send home with lots of comment pages :)

3. Again ask: Why is Life is Good :) written at the end of the story?
Write about:

* What new adventure could Zach and Long Legs have?
* What new adventure could a student and Long Legs have?
* What new adventure could Zach, Long Legs and a student have?

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