Lesson Plans For Chapter 4 of The Long Legged Turtle

Word choice is very important!  The words in the story allow good readers to build pictures in their minds.  This aids in the comprehension/understanding of the story.  As I wrote my story, I thought about my word choice.  First to help readers build pictures, but also to choose words children would like –words that had pizzazz!  In Chapter 4, while looking at word choice, look for single words but look for word phrases too!

1.  Cover page 33 so children can’t see it.

2.  Read pages 30, 31 and 32.  Stop!  Have them draw a picture of what they would see with their magical glasses.

3.  Share pictures with class.  See if any pictures are the same?  any different?  Ask:  Why aren’t all the pictures the same.  (There are no words to tell–to build that picture.)

4.  Finish reading chapter 4.

5.  Divide a chart into 2 colums.  Label one column–Cave.  Label the other Spider Web.

6.  Reread the story.  When they come to a word/phrase that helped them build a picture of a cave, write it in the Cave column.  When they come to a word that helped them build a picture of a spider web, write the word in the Spider Web column.  Ask:  As a good reader, how did these words help you build a picture in your mind?  Using these words could you go back and draw a picture of the cave or the spider web?  Would everyone’s pictures be the same or different?  Maybe have children take a sheet of paper and fold it in half.  On one side, draw the cave.  On the other side, draw the spider web.  They would use the words on the chart to guide them.  Get together and compare.  Hopefully, they look similar — because this time they had words to help them build the picture.


If each child had magical glasses, what would they see, where would they go?  Here are some fun glasses the children could make and wear before they write about their adventure!  I will put it on printables too! This could be a fun website to explore!


Click on picklebums_crazyglasses and then you can print it.

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