Life Is Made Up Of Your Choices :)




One of the most important words I learned teaching first grade was the word — CHOICE.  Behavior is sometimes the toughest part of teaching!  The teacher must have the students’ attention so that they can learn.  It is VERY challenging at times.  But, then I learned about choice.  Behavior is a choice and I had to teach children about making a better choice!  It’s something parents/grandparents can use too!  It’s almost like that word was magical. It put the responsibility on the student.  But it’s really more than that.  It’s really about life.  Our life is made up our choices — just like the above poster says.  We can make good choices or we can make bad choices.  Either way, there will be consequences.  Good choices are ususually pleasant and bad choices–not so!

Parents/Teachers, if you are having behavior challenges, think about using choice.  There is more information about choice under Adult Activities/Parents/Teachers.  Go way down until you find the word Choice in blue!  If you would like more information let me know.  I can go into more detail.

I found teaching children (and myself) about choice made teaching much easier.  After some instruction about making choices, mostly I just had to look at them and say, “Make a better choice :)”.

Hope This Helps in Some Way :)

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