Literary Festival!

Last Saturday was lots of fun.  The Oswego Library hosted a Literary Festival!  There were 40 authors!  How exciting!  The new library addition is beautiful!  Hope all Oswego residents check it out!  I met some very cute children and very friendly parents!  My very favorite author and his family came to visit me!  It’s exciting that Tommy is working on a comic book.  He brought it to read to me!  I love Tommy’s sense of humor!  I met some very nice authors too!  It was a great day!  I love reading, writing, children, people!  The perfect place for me!!!!



Lots of glass and nature!  An elevator too!


Ready for children!


Tommy is sharing his new idea–a comic book!  Very funny!


Tommy and his cool brother, Max!  Charlie is cool too, but he was playing baseball!


Tommy found his book in the library and he’s excited that kids are checking it out!

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