Look At Seed Experiment :)

I think???  spring is here.  I love watching all the trees blooming and some spring flowers!  My cherry trees are getting blossoms and I am so excited!  I love cherries!

This is also a great time for children to learn about seeds and how they grow into plants.  Every year at this time, I would do this seed experiment!  I loved it because the children could see what actually happens underground!  They would get so excited when their seed burst open!  I always used pumpkins seeds.  They worked really  great and after their plant grew enough, they could take them home and plant them!  Then in the fall, they had the joy of seeing their pumpkins grow, pick them, and carve them!

Please go back into Teacher Tips and it’s on the very bottom of the list! Parents, this is great experiment to do at home with children also!

The children could also keep a daily  journal of what is happening to their seed!  Always love the writing!

Happy Planting!

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