May Day Vase

May Day will be coming up soon!  That is so hard to believe!  I saw this little project and I thought it would be cute for May Day or Mother’s Day.


What you’ll need:

Letter V Vase template
Construction paper (including purple)
Green crayon or marker
How to make your letter V vase craft:
Print our letter V template and cut out the pieces. Trace the letter v onto construction paper and cut it out. Glue it onto a new piece of construction paper.
Trace the flower template onto purple (violet) construction paper a few times (we found that we could get four flowers on the page nicely) and cut out the flowers. If you’d like, cut out centers for your flowers from other colors of paper.
Glue your flowers onto the piece of construction paper above the letter V. If you made centers for the flowers, glue them on too.
Use your marker or crayon to draw stems from the flowers down into the V. Add leaves to the stems.

Have Fun!

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