Meet Polka Dottie and Send Her A Letter!!!


Hi!  I’m Polka Dottie and I am the main character in Kathy’s new book, I Love Being Me!.  It’s so fun to be in that story!  I made some very special friends, Flicker and Hawk!  I love being their friend!  I love having friends!  Do you have a special friend?  Tell me about your friend!

Kathy made a sneak preview for our book, I Love Being Me!.   It’s on the Home page and Buy The Book.  Just click on it!  Hope you like it :)

Just like Long Legs, I would love to get mail!  I think Flicker and Hawk would too!  We would love you to write to us!  We will be so happy and excited, that we will even write you back!  Did you ever have a long, legged turtle write you a letter?  Well, here is your chance :)

Just put our name–whoever you want to write to…

P.O. Box 1071

Oswego, IL 60543

We will all be waiting to see who gets a letter–I hope it’s me LOL!

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