Molly’s Adventure with the Surfers by Emily Loftus

One day Molly went out of her swimsuit and put her surfboard away then adventured out first to find a freind. Then she found our beloved friend: long legs. They talked and both found sames and differences but got a beloved frendship. Molly decided to take long legs surfing! She told him all the basics and told him everybodys name and introduced him to her boyfreind and all that stuff. But finally it was time to SURF!!!!!!!!! Long legs got a wave first try and didn’t freak out! “thats the spirit!” Molly said. The two buddys went along their day and had a blast! But now they have to go to bed. “BYE” they said and went to bed.




  1. Kathy Elstad said:

    I love that you called Long Legs a beloved friend! I thought he would be a natural at surfing! I love when I have a blast with my friends! We usually have lots of laughing involved :) I can tell you love to write!
    Happy Writing!

  2. Linda said:

    It is wonderful that Molly and Longlegs became “beloved” friends, I love how you worded that. Sounds like a wonderful day of fun and surfing!

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