Mom, I’m Bored!

Here are a few ideas if your child/children say, “Mom, I’m bored,” this summer!

1.  Bake cookies for a neighbor, a senior, or someone who is ill.  Make a card to go with???

2.  Build an indoor or outdoor fort or tent.  Can use sheets from a garage sale???

3.  Visit the library and then read in #2 or in the bath tub with pillows and a blanket.

4.  Dress up/have a parade/have a photo shoot and send photos to Grandma and Grandpa — it will definitely make their day.

5.  Bowling with empty water bottles (maybe spray paint them?) and use a soccer ball for the bowling ball.  It could be a fun family activity too.

6.  Create art work/make play money/have an art fair/sale.

7.  Have a picnic lunch (make invitations?)  eat in #2.

8.  Create a time capsule — bury outdoors or indoors.  Set a time when it will be dug up.

9.  Play balloon volleyball.

10. Play frisbee golf/ use frisbees and hula hoops.  Spread hula hoops around the yard and count how many times the frisbee is thrown to get into each “hole” (hula hoop).  Keep score or not :)

11. Draw murals with sidewalk chalk.  Take pictures of art and artists.

12. My favorite — find something to do or clean your room :)  They usually move very quickly!

Have Fun!

More ideas to come :)

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