Mom’s You Are Your Child’s Safe Place! Who Knew!

When my children were 1 and 3, I had to go back to work for awhile.  I was so lucky that my Mom could care for them.  I would drive to my Mom and Dad’s house after work — so excited to see my little ones!  I would walk in the door and they would go crazy, NOT in a good way!  They would start crying, arguing…  My Mom would look at me and say, “I don’t know what’s wrong!  They were fine a minute ago!”  I hated this because I felt it was because I was not a good Mom!

But, this morning, I read an article explaining why this happened!  The lady said it was because I WAS A GOOD MOM!  They know I loved them and that I WAS THEIR SAFE PLACE!  They know they can be natural with me and they feel they can let go with me!  I love knowing that my children thought of me as their safe place!  I know I felt my Mom and Dad were my safe place and it was so hard losing my safe place when they passed!

So Moms, next time crazy happens, smile knowing you are their safe place!  A great thing to be!

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