More Fun Reading Ideas!

Here are a few more ideas to make reading fun!

1.  For little ones still sitting in a highchair –meal time stories.  While your little one is eating, read them a story.   I’m thinking this would eliminate some trouble at eating time and they hear a story!  It’s a win – win!

2.  A Book Swap Party — invite friends over.  They bring a book they have read and they give a short book talk about the book.  Then they trade books white elephant style.  Probably a little talk about how the trade works so there is no tears during the exchange.  Then they could have a snack and read their book or read book with a partner — each reading to each other.

3.  Video your child reading a book and/or giving a book talk.

4.  Creating a little nook for the child is always a great idea!  A tent with pillows, a blanket, flashlight/lantern and lots of books!!!  Or the same things in the bathtub or in a little hide out!  Any where — just make it fun!

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5.  Leave piles of books around the house that they can explore and hopefully choose 1 or 2 and take off and read in their special place.

6.  Graphic Novels!  Oh my gosh!  We took our grandsons to the library this summer and they would pick out a graphic novel or 2, they started reading in the car, and we never heard from them again until they were done.  One was even locked in the car for a few minutes.  We thought he got out, but no — he was SO INTO his graphic novel!  There are TONS of graphic novels.  They are 9 and 11!

7.  Family Book Talks — everybody is reading a book and at dinner, everyone chats about it!

Hope you want to give some/all these ideas a go!  Make reading a fun thing to do!  Maybe you will come up with your own ideas!  WE would love for you to share!

Happy Reading!

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