Mrs. Spritzer’s Garden By Edith Pattou

I love this book!  One year I based my whole classroom on this book.  In the story, the principal gives Mrs. Spritzer a packet of seeds.  Mrs. Spritzer gets everything ready and plants her “seeds”.  Then she waters them.  Feeds them and makes sure they get plenty of sun :)  She watches them grow!  Of course, the packet of seeds is her class list and the seeds are her students :)  It is a beautifully written book!

My classroom turned into a garden and my students became little seeds/flowers.  Not only did I love it, but the kids loved it too and surprisingly, so did the parents.  Sadly to say, I lost both of my parents withing the first two in a half months of that year and it turned out to be my last year of teaching.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many wonderful things were given to me that year around the idea of Mrs. Elstad’s Little Seeds!  It was a year of unbelievable sadness, but joy at the thoughtfulness of wonderful, caring parents.

Maybe you would like to make a garden with your “little seeds”!

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