National Authors Day!


What a wonderful day! I would love to get a letter, so I am writing to one of my favorite authors — Dr. Seuss!
Dear Dr. Seuss!
I have always enjoyed you! As a first grade teacher, I have watched your stories bring so much joy to children. When my children, Todd and Tiffani, were little I had to read The Cat In The Hat over and over and over and over and over again! I actually knew it by heart! But this summer, I came to love you too! I stopped by your art museum in LaGuana Beach! It was amazing! What I really loved was your secret, midnight drawings! I loved that idea and I have become a midnight writer! There is something so special about being creative at that time of the night :)
Thank you for all the joy you have brought to adults and children!
I know he is no long here, but Dr. Seuss will always be here in spirit!

I think these things would be good to do any day!

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