Once Upon A Time Bags

Teachers/maybe parents this is a great idea!

Once Upon A Time Bag

1.  Create an Once Upon A Time Bag.  Make/find a plain bag and write Once Upon A Time on it.  I heard you can find one at Michaels :)

2.  Have children draw a picture of a thing, person, animal.  It’s just one thing — like a dinosaur, tree, monster, barn, dog, child, fish bowl, etc.  They can draw anything they want or pick a them or holiday.  These things should be cut out and I would laminate them.  They are put in the bag.

3.  Story time — The story starts out with — Once upon a time… One child puts their hand in bag without looking and pulls out 1 piece.  They create a sentence for the story using the piece.  For expample:  Let’s say I pulled out a dog.  I might say, “Once upon a time, a little puppy sat outside my door and howled!”   The next child pulls a piece   and creates the next sentence to the story!  It continues till the story is finished.  Kids love it!

4.  Publish it!  It could be fun to type the story, have children illustrate their copy, put it in a Story Folder, and practice reading it!  How fun to collect these fun stories!   Kids really benefit from reading know material over and over!

I would love to see any of the stories your class creates!  I wonder what they will come up with??????

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