Painting With Bubbles????

Who doesn’t love bubbles?  I still love bubbles and today kids are so lucky because there are all kinds of bubbles and lots of bubble recipes.  I did bubble painting when I taught 1st grade.  But it wasn’t like this!  I think it looks like fun!  Let me know what you think!


What you need:

Bubble Blower Mixture

Food Coloring

Bubble Wands

Cups/Trays to dip wands into

Large Sheets of Painting Paper


Pour a little bubble mixture into each cup/tray/one for each color.

Add a little food coloring/stir gently/you don’t want bubbles in cup/tray from stirring.

Blow bubbles all over paper.

This is messy/no stain/outdoors is best/wear aprons/ cover surface –maybe plastic table cloth.

I saw this on Pintrest :)

Have Fun!

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