Pop Up Books

It’s sping and things are beginning to pop!  So I thought I would talk about Pop Up Books!  Kids love Pop Up Books!.  Once they know how to make them, there are all kinds of things you can do with them–so many stories to write!  Put a group of Pop Up Books together and make one big Pop Up Book!


I would use construction paper for this–it has more strength to it.

Fold the paper in half.

Starting at the fold, cut 2 slits –the same length.  I place them where I will want my pop up character to be.  Usually, I cut in the center but, it can be anywhere along the fold and if you want more than 1 pop up, you can make more — 2 slits per pop up:)

photo 2

Next, open the paper up, with your index finger push the pop up through to the inside, refold, pinch the inside fold and press the edge on the outide.

     photo 8

photo 5

So now when you open up, you will see the pop up.  This is where you will glue their pop up character.

photo 2

Now for creating the book!

The stand up page is where the backgroud is illustrated.

photo 7

The character will be glued on the pop up.  For the character, I like to use a white, blank index card because of its stiffness.  The character is drawn, colored, cut out and glued onto the pop up.

The flat part is for the story.  If it is a short story, it can be written on this part or if it is long, it can be typed and glued to this part.

When the inside is completed, close and on the top cover write the title, author and illustrate the cover.

photo 3

photo 6

Now your book is complete!

They also make cute pop up cards–Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is coming up.  It’s great for fiction stories or science reports–really anything!

The main thing is to have fun.



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