Kids Writing ClubWriting is such a FUN thing to do. Long Legs and I LOVE to read kids’ writing. We never know where a story will take us… Please share a story with us and/or start a Writing Club of your own.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Step 1: Submit a Story

Step 2: Read (and leave encouragement for) other kids’ submissions to our Kids’ Writing Club. Recently submitted stories include:

Step 3: Start your own Writing Club.

Step 4: Keep learning and achieving! Here area few tips:


  1. Nicky Gallo said:

    It was nice to meet you today! I cant wait to read my book.

    • Kathy Elstad said:

      Hi Nicky! It was nice to meet you too:). I hope you enjoy reading about Long Legs! I think he is lovable:). I’m excited that you are starting a writing club! Can’t wait to read your stories:). I love your enthusiasm :). Happy Writing!!!!

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